Fabulous Fitness at 40 with Ladan Soltani – Book

Good health starts on the inside and real strength originates from the mind…

Through a mixture of positive thinking, yoga, meditation, exercise and nutrition this book will help you to develop mentally, evolve spiritually and get stronger physically… so ‘you too can look fabulous at 40!’

By reading this book you will:

* Receive simple yet powerful tools to learn to re-programme your subconscious mind so you have the ability to have control over your life.
* Learn to use skilful affirmations to think positively so you can achieve all your goals and passions.
* Shape up with top-to-toe fitness and yoga exercise routines to sculpt and tone your whole body
* Overcome emotional eating and conquer your unhealthy food habits.
* Learn to meditate so you can understand more fully who you are, how to connect to others and your surroundings, lead a calmer, more peaceful life and restore your youth.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who wants to improve their all-round health and well-being before or after theyhave reached 40. If you want to win the battle to gravity, it means starting to invest in your health at a young age so you can reap the rewards later in life. Ladan is living proof of this!

Who is the author?

Ladan Soltani is a fitness professional and a TV presenter with a wealth of knowledge and experience in NLP weight-loss coaching, personal training, holistic nutritional therapy and motivational speaking.

“Ladan has the ability to meet the needs and requirements of all her participants individually. Since attending her yoga class my back feels strong and my body has completely changed shape. I feel much calmer and grounded. A wholesome, awesome class!”
Priya Kaur-Jones, GMTV newsreader and reporter

“I have been following Ladan’s fitness programmes for two months now and after doing three of the programmes a week I’m fitter than I have ever been! Even my husband of 30 years has noticed that I’m doing something and has commented on how good I look and how firm I am! And this is a man who sat on a couch for a month before he realized it was new! I will keep up the routine with a much better frame of mind … and a much better frame.”
Anne de Bondt, TV viewer

The fitness guru’s guide to transforming your life through mastering your mind and body

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