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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes in Ealing Town Hall

Monday– 6.30pm-7.40pm- Beginners/intermediate
Monday– 7.45pm-8.55pm- Mixed ‘dynamic’ Yoga- Intermediate/Advanced
Tuesday– 7.45pm- 8.45pm- Yoga – Beginners

YOGA CLASS in West Ealing
Sunday– 11am-12.15pm- Mixed Yoga- All levels
2, St James Avenue, W13 9DJ ( Studio is located above Sainsbury’s car park, West Ealing- Access from Sainsbury’s supermarket, car park lift level 2, cross to the far side, punch 0010 into the door code & come upstairs)
(No Yoga classes on bank holidays)

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Yoga class prices & packages:
£14.00 drop in anytime ( If I have space )
Class pack of of 4 and get 5th class FREE for £57.50 ( save £12.50- Valid 2 months )
Class pack of 8 classes and get 2 FREE for £110 ( save £30.00- Valid 4 months )

What to bring: PLEASE BRING A YOGA MAT ( I have some spare ) water, a generous smile and an open mind is always welcome 🙂
What to wear: Comfortable clothing ( something warm for meditation ). There are changing rooms at both locations.

Please note: My business has a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Location and travel:
Ealing Town Hall Address: New Broadway, Ealing, London, W5 2BY
The studio will be in the Telfer room. (picture below) Come into Ealing town hall and the studio is on the left. A changing room area is available in an adjoining room. The toilets are downstairs.

Rail: Ealing Broadway (five minute walk). Central, District and mainline rail to central London.
Bus: Within five minute walk: 65, 83, 207, 297, 607, 112, E1, E2, E7, E8, E9, E10, N23, N207
Car: nearest major roads: A406, M4, M40, M25

Ealing council car park, behind Perceval House is free after 6pm. This is on Longfield Avenue W52HL ( the road between, Ealing town Hall & Perceval House ). When you get to the car park , the barriers will be down, however, they will open as a car approaches, if not, you can press the buzzer to let the car park attendant know you would like to use the car park. Also it is free parking on single yellow line and meters from 6.30pm in general.

Look forward to seeing you there! 🙂


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Amazing yoga teacher. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am to have met Ladan and attended her Yoga classes. She’s a very genuine and authentic person and her lovely personality really shines through in her teaching.
Every week is different, you never get bored, you learn a lot of different things and she is always here to answer questions and give individual help.
She also helped me so much during my teacher training by allowing me to assist her Yoga classes. She trusted me giving hands-on adjustments to her yogis and I would not be where I am today without her invaluable help and advice.
It’s no wonder she has so many regular students, she’s just amazing! ‘Anais Maniaval’

Exceptional.I have attended many Yoga classes and Ladan stands out amongst the best. Seldom in other classes do you get the level of attention and expertise that Ladan provides. Her classes cover the full range of yogic disciplines from breathing, meditation and posture which gives a richer experience. ‘Gary Ward’

Therapy for body and soul! just fabulous. I feel very lucky to have Ladan as a teacher. She balances both the physical work with a clear connection and focus on breathing and mindfulness. Even if I have had a bad day I always come out of Ladans Yoga classes feeling peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenated. Just brilliant! ‘Lara Taylor’

You won’t find better! What an incredible teacher. You’ll look forward to your yoga lesson and really feel the difference every time you leave. ‘Alex Katherine’

Brilliant! I’ve been going to Ladan’s Yoga classes for over two years now and it’s a pleasure each time I attend. Not only is she deeply passionate and knowledgable about the practice, she is also spiritual to, with each class starting and ending with a short meditation and a few words of wisdom as food for thought. Ladan is very attentive to each member no matter how large the class is, and is always giving advice and tips whenever she feels the class is not up to scratch on a particular pose. With a fun sense of humour and an honest, down to earth attitude, Ladan is an excellent yoga instructor who makes her classes a joy to be in. Highly recommended! ‘Enrique Lavado’

Great classes. I’ve been attending weekly Yoga classes with Ladan for just over a year, she is the best yoga teacher by far I have practiced with. My yoga practice has improved greatly since joining; classes are physically challenging, varied and give a lot on a spiritual level. She’s present and in tune with the class and always seems to be bringing and sharing new things to the lessons. She is also great at explaining how to do the postures correctly. I love going! ‘Jo Gopall’

Grounded and professional. Ladan is a delightful and motivating teacher. She is highly experienced, brings in many aspects of the limbs of yoga, always stretching our minds, bodies and self-imposes limitations! Ladan is wonderfully grounded and sensitive too to the mood of the group, knowing when to calm or fan our energy. She is a highly skilled yogi herself but is utterly non-judgemental as a teacher. I have learnt so much from her as a person. ‘Eva Beazley’

Awesome yoga teacher – Ladan Soltani. Attending Ladan’s mix ability class for over 2 years. However been practicing different types of yoga i.e iyengar and sivananda, on and off for nearly 20 years. Ladan is by far the best teacher I have experienced; she is extremely professional, friendly, spiritual and knowledgeable not just about yoga, but general fitness and health. Don’t just take my word for it…come and try her classes! ‘Marilyn Ryan’

Yoga Teacher with a difference. Ladan brings many years of experience and a holistic approach to yoga. Warm, friendly and inspiring, I always leave the class feeling more energised, uplifted and challenged. I wholeheartedly recommend Ladan’s classes! ‘Shelly Sagar’

Integrity in action. Ladan showed me how to dedicate my workout and or practise and that helped me ground my physical aspect of training in a spiritual context … Shares the wisdom and the knowledge without restraint in her Yoga classes. ‘Clarissa Stoneham’

FAB teacher, top Yoga classes. Ladan is the best of all worlds. She has a vast knowledge in yoga, the human body and more because of her background in fitness She is enthusiastic, funny, supportive and most of all very approachable. I love her shine and aura! She is so positive! ‘Angela Diane’

From a very non-athletic student. A very inspirational teacher that gives me a sense of fulfilment after every class. ‘Sandra Dukic’

It has been one of the best decisions of my life to take up yoga and I am so happy that Ladan is my teacher. She is so natural and is able to teach everyone regardless of age or level of fitness. I really enjoy her classes and appreciate that she always finds a way to help us improve in doing the postures and spiritually as well. I would recommend to anyone interested in yoga to try Ladan’s classes. ‘Andrea Siegel’

Ladan Soltani’s Yoga classes. Before I started taking Ladan’s Yoga classes I was very sceptical about the benefits of yoga and believed I would only attend one class. It has now been over a year and I find it is definitely one of the highlights of my week. Ladan will treat you as her friend and always ensures you feel good in your practise. She knows the names of all her yogis and their level. A yoga teacher who is very knowledgeable about both the spiritual and physical components of yoga. ‘Caroline Barnes’

Forward and Backward Bend Workshop.Loved this workshop. I went running the morning after and my body felt completely different. And not stiff at all. My core has always been my weak point, especially after two pregnancies, I don’t think my stomach muscles have ever come back together.. But I had a flat stomach for the first time in 4 years this morning! As with all of Ladan’s classes she accommodates all levels. The vibe is light hearted and fun and the way she explains each posture makes it easy and accessible for everyone. ‘Terri Sinden’

Best yoga teacher I have come accross.I have been following Ladan’s classes for 6 months now and Ladan has been an inspiration.Her classes are amazing, well adapted to our level, she pays close attention to our posture and gives appropriate advice when needed. She also uses encens and perfectly suited music to put us in the mood and provides us with meditative thoughts and philosophy, to enlight/inspire us. It’s like we were transported into an Indian meditation retreat! ‘Claude Subrina’

A teacher with so much more.Ladan is not only a fantastic teacher she also has experience of personal training and nutrition and so she brings this to her practice helping me to become an all round yogi and to embrace my practice as a lifestyle not just a one-off weekly class.
She’s also really friendly, open and very experienced. ‘Sara Wrignt’

Wonderful teacher! I was an absolute beginner when I started my yoga classes with Ladan a year ago. I am slowly improving, little by little, thanks to Ladans wonderful teaching, encouragement & the lovely, safe atmosphere she creates in the studio.

Ladan has a talent to make every one in her Yoga classes feel welcome & important. She knows everyones names, gently adjusts all her yogis, both demonstrates & explains equally and starts and ends the class with a short meditation and mantras which always calm me & make me smile. I often think about some of the wise words outside of the class. The class has the perfect balance of being body focused and spiritual.

It is a testament to Ladan that my class only seems to increase in size – no one ever seems to leave! Come rain or shine every one makes the effort to attend her weekly Yoga classes in Ealing. I consider my class a real treat. No matter how frazzled I am when I enter the studio or how hard I find some of the postures during the class, for some reason I always float out of the studio feeling super happy and energised! ‘Sinead Lawler’

And relax…Ladan is an excellent teacher and mentor. Knowledgeable, experienced and always fun. ‘David Hobbs’

Life changing yoga and mindfullness teacher! I have been practicing for several years with Ladan – both in her Yoga classes in Ealing and at her Italian retreats – and I simply cannot recommend her enough for her help, encouragement, enthusiasm and support.
Both her yoga classes and meditation and mindfulness sessions are wonderful; and she really does give it her all. Classes are clearly planned, but also flexed on the day to suit the mood and requirements of the attendees. She balances demonstrations with clear instructions, and is very hands on, ensuring that you develop your practise over time.
No matter what your level, or your goal, Ladan is the perfect teacher to get you to where you wish to be.
‘ Sue Leckie’

Top class teacher! Ladan has helped me progress more in the last few months compared to the years I have been going to yoga. She is an excellent teacher, very passionate, professional and challenges me at exactly the right pace! I would highly recommend her. ‘Lesley Smith’

I have practising yoga with Ladan for nearly a year now and continue to improve and feel the benefits. She combines deep knowledge of the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga and the proficiency to demonstrate advanced asanas expertly. Ladan keeps us working hard, motivated and constantly improving in a class that is both friendly and fun. ‘Paul Harris’

Best mentor you can wish for.Ladan is a very experienced and fun tutor. And much more than a tutor: life coach, guide, role model, inspiration… Attending her Yoga classes in Ealing is like entering a nurturing sanctuary where you feel inspired, safe, supported, challenged, invigorated and just having fun. Thank you for being such an incredible human being, Ladan, emanating life force and the joy of living life. ‘Richard Hadju’