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  • “Ladan has been my instructor for a number of years. I’ve been very fortunate to have known her, she’s very professional  and caring with a great sense of humour. Ladan’s classes are very effective, you know you are  always in for a treat, never the same and far from boring. After every single class, I feel my arms look more toned or my waist is smaller. Ladan has the ability to make you feel good about yourself.”
  • “Ladan has really changed my life. I went through a bad time with depression and stress for a  number of reasons, but discovered her show on Fitness TV and her yoga/breathing techniques. They have really helped me improve and change the way I look at things for the better. She has a lovely warming personality that really comes across and helps to soothe. I can’t thank her enough for the way she has helped me and influenced my life for the better. She has been a true inspiration.”
  • “Never before have I experienced such a motivational fitness professional as Ladan. I’ve always struggled to stay interested in strengthening and toning exercises. But, Ladan’s driving force – a mix of inspiring, interesting and varied exercises, as well as her deep knowledge and sense of fun – means I never want to miss her class.”
  • “Two words to describe Ladan Soltani – “simply brilliant”!”
    -John Hodges
  • “I can’t believe this young lady is 40? Are you sure? Wow, I would love to know your secret! I am going to be addicted to exercise and healthy living if I can look like you!”
    -Sima Derrani
  • “I love participating in Ladan’s classes. She is not only a professional role model but I think her positive attitude and inspiring comments during her work-outs motivate me to keep going. This is a very powerful teacher who has taught me mind discipline and really cares about her class participants. Through attending her regular yoga sessions, I have seen a huge change within my body and mind. Thanks so much Ladan and keep up the wonderful work.”
    -James Douga
  • “Hi, I think you’re a great teacher and very entertaining. I am loving the results. Thanks so much!”
    -Jasmine Sheen
  • ‘ I have to say, I’ve just started following your work-outs recently and already see a dramatic difference to my body shape and fitness! Thanks Ladan!’
    -Janice Morgan
  • ‘Your work-outs on Sky TV are really amazing. I’ve been following them from the start and my body has changed shape nicely. Keep up the good work and thanks.’
    -Hannah Price
  • ‘Ladan Soltani is my mentor! Absolutely fantastic!’
    -John Harrogate
  • ‘I want to thank Ladan for my new body and mind.’
    -Silvia Kenning
  • ‘We have been going to Ladan’s classes for about two years now and love working with her. Whether it is a high-energy fitness class or a more spiritual (but equally challenging) yoga session, Ladan is always an inspiring and uplifting teacher, and she is also great fun. We always look forward to her classes. She always makes her classes lively and varied, but she also makes us think about what we’re doing and makes sure we get the most out of every hour we’re working out.After Ladan’s yoga classes especially we always feel stronger, more relaxed and even serene – which is not easy with the busy lives we lead.’
    -Kim Patel and Jane Upperton
  • ‘Ladan Soltani has been such a positive influence in my life. Her kind words of wisdom have helped me enormously. I have experienced some life-changing shifts and always look forward to sitting in a meditation session with her and calming my senses. I owe you and thank you.’
    -Kate Anderson
  • ‘I would like to take a few minutes to tell you my story. It’s a simple one… but it’s a good one!
    I am a 50-year-old grandmother. I spent an entire youth, young adult life and fully grown adult life eating whatever I wanted with little or no consequence – even after the birth of my children. At most I would gain about five pounds and lose seven to make up for it!
    Then, about five years ago, I began to notice that I was gradually becoming less and less fortunate! Slowly I realised that I was running out of luck. And worse, that I had no idea how to approach a good eating and fitness routine since I had never needed such disciplines in the past. So, like most women I pushed the chore of my fitness to the back of my mind and pretended that I would get a grip on my diet and do something about it… soon… eventually… after the holidays!
    I half-heartedly looked into fitness DVDs, toyed with joining a gym (actually, I’ve had two memberships and shamefully only attended approximately three sessions in five years) and then I gave up all together since, by this time, I had convinced myself that menopause was looming and that all my efforts would be a waste of time anyway.
    And that’s when I found you! I was looking for an advertisement and inadvertently came across you on the fitness channel.
    What caught my eye was your specific exercises for specific problems (i.e. lower body or upper body work-outs or aerobics and fat-burning). I liked that you focused on problem areas without all the dancey-dancey nonsense. Incidentally, not everyone wants to boogy the fat away! Some of us just want to burn it off with middle-aged dignity!
    Now, don’t get me wrong, it was no great earthshaking, thunder-clapping revelation! I still watched two of your programmes before I got off my mid-life crisis and decided to take part. But taking part was the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s been two months now and three of your programmes a week and I’m fitter than I have ever been! Even my husband of 30 years has noticed that I’m doing something… and has commented on how good I look and how firm I am! And this is a man who sat on a couch for a month before he realised it was new!
    I love how easy you make it. I love how private it is. I love that I can have your personal attention at any time, day or night (I recorded your programmes) and that you make the hell of exercising a little less hell-like. I will keep up the routine and face menopause with a much better frame of mind… and a much better frame.’
    -Anne de Bondt
  • ‘I would like to comment on your class – I came across this by chance, and after two children and not having the time to get to a gym this was a godsend. I have been doing your class, three to four times a week for nearly a month and already can see and feel a great difference in my body. I have even increased my weights size from 1.58–2kg (3.5–4lb) to tone more. The abs section is my favourite! I can now actually see my abs prominently and everyone comments on how great my stomach looks, which has increased my confidence no end! Your inspirational talk throughout the class constantly reminds me throughout the work-out, even when I’m tired, to come back to the original goal and think of the results. Thank you Ladan, I owe my new-found body shape and confidence to you.’
    Emma Marlow from Eastwood, Nottingham, customer care specialist
  • ‘Your work-out is simply brilliant and is dramatically changing my body. I had an awful jellylike bit on my tummy from having a baby and just haven’t been able to get rid of it. Slowly but surely it’s starting to tighten up and it’s so exciting! I used to have a lovely flat tummy and I’ve so missed it! So once again, thank you! PS, I cannot believe that you are 40! Thought
    more like 29 or 30… Wow!’
  • ‘I find that Ladan’s work-outs have given me great results in helping me to lose weight and tone my body. They have also
    inspired me to keep up my fitness routine because they are full of variety and vigour. Ladan’s classes show you ways to help train not only your body and muscles but your mindset too, and all while keeping it simple and fun to do.’
    -Sharon Stroynowski, Data Manager
  • ‘Thank you for being such an inspiration. I’ve never been a slim girl and really had a fight with my weight since childhood. I’m now in a position where I have lots of time free to be able to go outdoors and enjoy exercising. I’m reading your website and following you on Fitness TV and I really hope once I’ve changed my mindset towards food and exercise I will be able to lose the weight. At 23 I stand at 5ft 7.5in and weigh 13 stone (82.5kg)!! Ideally, I should be 10 stone (63.5kg)! I hope in four to five months time I can message you again and tell you I’ve lost three stone (19kg)!’
  • ‘ I’ve been following your work-outs on Fitness TV. You’ve been amazing and I can already feel the difference in my fitness levels. Great website too. Thanks so much. You’re a true inspiration.’
    Helen Dunne
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